hitting the trail again

Monday, 18 April 2011 09:45 by Blair

Last August I did a really stupid thing.  I hiked Pikes Peak (up and back down in one day) and then did the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon less than a week later.  I was still recovering from the hike when I did the half-marathon... which made that race feel like a total beat down.  I haven't been able to get excited about running(or hiking for that matter) since.  I've jogged a mile here and there but nothing consistent. 

Getting yelled at a few times while on a run by idiot drive bys didn't help motivate me to hit the trails either.  I would rather be ignored.  One of the major reasons we got a dog (and pepper spray) was so I wouldn't have to run alone.  I've worked with him some.  I've even run him on the treadmill (yes, he likes it).  I still wasn't sure how he'd actually do jogging along side me.  Well, today I decided to find out.  We walked to the trail, I set my watch, tied the lead around my waist and off we went.  We jogged for 15 minutes straight and for the most part he stayed right beside me.  He tried to head for the grass a couple of times but a snap on the line with a "No" and he returned.  I elected to go uphill first.  This little jog was just as much about getting my legs moving again as it was about trying out the dog.  The wind was pretty rough but at least it wasn't knocking me over today.  I wish I could have gone longer than 15 minutes and I wish I could have run faster.  I'm trying be be patient with myself though.  My times will get better if I keep at it.  Plus, I walked/jogged the stands at the rink for 30 minutes earlier this morning.

Today was day one back on a training schedule.  I'm not going to decide just yet what races to enter until I see how quickly I get my distances back.  For today, I'm just thrilled with getting out there.

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