BodyBugg: Week 2

Friday, 8 April 2011 12:20 by Blair

I expected to maintain based on the numbers.  I have an average deficit of 148 calories per day but have felt a little swollen so I thought it might cancel out the deficit.  Despite this, the scale went up significantly from last week (more than 3 pounds).  BodyBugg believes I miscalculated my calories eaten because statistically most people underestimate their caloric intake.  Well, I'm not most people.  I weigh/measure almost everything (the primary exceptions being pre-portioned foods and apples/oranges).  I have been weighing and measuring my food for over two years now and if I wanted to, I could very likely "eyeball" how much a half cup of ice cream is; although most of the time, I still measure it out.  Typically I will actually overestimate rather than under.  For instance, one day this week I was sure I had eaten over 2K calories for the day but when I entered everything it was just over 1600.  I know I didn't overeat this week.  No, I didn't eat on my target to lose two pounds but I definitely shouldn't have gained... and I am confident that my calories logged were fairly close to accurate.

So what could be going on?  Well, today the program allowed me to enter my measurements and body fat percentage.  Once this information was entered, the program said that my goal for the last two weeks was to lose 4.25 lbs of body fat but that according to my measurements/body fat percentage I had actually lost 5.31 pounds of body fat.  Then how on earth can the scale say I'm only down a total of 0.8 pounds in two weeks?  Well, I haven't gained fat, that's for sure!  I have felt like I was retaining a bit of water, probably due to some meds I took for sinus pressure.  I also believe I've gained some muscle.

BodyBugg says that "if your body fat goal is ON TARGET according to your most recent measurement, you may ignore the last paragraph on this screen. You do not need to alter your current program."  Unfortunately, they don't ignore the last paragraph.  They show in my status reports that I must have averaged a surplus of 412 calories per day this week in order to gain weight.  If I hadn't taken my measurements (lost an inch in both my waist and hips alone), I would be very discouraged right now.  The scale is not always an accurate representatation of what's really going on.  I'm happy with dropping body fat even if the scale doesn't show it just yet.  I'm doing what I can and trusting God for the results.

On to the new week!

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