BodyBugg: Week 1

Friday, 1 April 2011 07:29 by Blair

This morning I stepped on the scale.  It says I lost 4.4 pounds this week.  So I went into my BodyBugg account and entered this information.  According to them, I should have lost 2.14 pounds.  I'm not totally sure where they are getting that number though.  My food log for the week shows an average deficit of 656 calories per day which would equate to 1.312 pounds lost.  When your measurement numbers don't match your log, the system automatically assumes that you did not accurately track your calories.  This approach is more than likely the case most of the time, but I found it weird that they would assume that I only ate an average of 400 calories per day (and yet logged an average of 1752 calories/day) to get that 4.4 loss.  With the exception of possibly last Friday, my food log was pretty darn close to accurate this week.

A little tutorial pops up after the weigh in and in it they do mention water weight fluctuations and muscle gain.  They suggest looking at a three to four week period of results before determining what is really going on with your habits/changes.  I do agree with that last suggestion.  All in all, I am fairly confident that I know what the difference in the numbers is this week and it isn't that I logged MORE calories than I actually ate :)  Here are my observations of what could cause this much of a difference:

  1. The biggest reason is likely the time of day (as well as time of month) I weighed in.  My starting weight was taken in the afternoon and this morning's weight was taken before breakfast.
  2. Both my calories logged and calories burned were not accurate for Friday.  I guessed at my total calories consumed and they guessed at my total calories burned since I didn't put on the bugg till that afternoon.
  3. On the nights when I wore the bugg all night, I burned more calories while asleep than what they averaged for me on the nights I didn't wear it.  The actual average per minute was 1.2 calories while sleeping with the bugg on and their estimated average when I didn't wear it was 1 calorie per minute.  During a six hour period (because let's face it, I've been watching LOST and not sleeping like I should), that comes out to 72 calories per night that I don't wear the bugg that they don't count.  I don't see this as being a big enough difference to worry about though.  I think I'd rather not sleep with it on.
I knew going in that this week would likely not be accurate.  Even other reviewers have mentioned that it takes a couple of weeks for the program to even out and become more accurate.  I still don't like the food log aspect but I do like being able to view my current burn during the day.  It has prompted me to move more.  The tutorial claims that you can do this program without logging your food (although they do highly recommend that you log what you eat).  I've been tempted to try a week of that suggestion but I log my food not just so I won't overeat but so I won't undereat either.  I tend to fluctuate between those extremes if I'm not paying attention.

Well, that's how week 1 went.  Moving on to a new week today :)