A quick search on the word fragrance produced 14 occurrences in the New International Version of the Bible.  Just over half of those were from the Song of Solomon alone.  Now, if you've never read that book, it's about the intimate relationship between a man and a woman.  This search confirmed to me what instantly came to my mind when I considered this week's topic.  I thought of my husband and the cologne he wears.  I remembered how I went to the department store and whiffed quite a few stinkers before I chose just the right one.  Yes, fragrance is definitely synonymous with intimacy. 

Carnival of BeautyWhen God created mankind he wanted a relationship with us.  However, once sin entered the world we became a stench in His nostrils.  He still loved His creation but couldn't be near us.  So He gave Moses The Law and sacrifices were offered in payment for the sin of His people.  These sacrifices (when done correctly) were described as "an aroma pleasing to the LORD."  Today there is no longer a need for continual sin offerings because as we know, Christ  was the ultimate and final sacrifice for sins.  Because of Christ, we who are believers are living sacrifices to God.  I wonder though, is our "aroma" pleasing to Him?

I've been reading Beth Moore's, Get Out of That Pit and I believe I probably smell of "pit dwelling" even now.  I'm sure I'm not the only one out there in a pit (or two or four).  Unfortunately, spiritual stink cannot be masked by physical appearances or fragrances.  Oh we can put on the happy face and say all the right things...many of us are really good at "churchese" aren't we?  No amount of cologne will mask our odor to God.  Even if we had everyone on earth fooled, God knows what we really smell like doesn't He?

The church is His bride and He desires that we be a fragrant testimony...His beloved, waiting faithfully for His return...An aroma pleasing to our LORD.

"How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much more pleasing is your love than wine, and the fragrance of your perfume than any spice!"  Song of Solomon 4:10


THE BEAUTY of FRAGRANCE hosted by Blair